Hunter Moore "The Most Hated Man on the Internet", why in news? Check the deets!

Hunter Moore has "earned" an infamous tag of being a professional life ruiner.

Hunter garnered attention through his website  "IsAnyoneUp .com".

"IsAnyoneUp .com" had a huge number of visitors for its unusual content and Hunter's followers regarded him as "God".

"IsAnyoneUp .com" focused on mockery, nudity, and bullying victimizing thousands of men and women.

Recently, three episodes of "The Most Hated Man on the Internet" got dropped on Netflix.

This docuseries once again sparked off the discussion on Hunter Moore.

A few years back, Hunter laid the foundation of  "IsAnyoneUp .com" and earned humongous profit through ridiculing and bullying.

Moore once mentioned having fun by  "ruining lives".

His website posted objectionable pictures of someone with their consent.

However,  "IsAnyoneUp .com" was banned and the FBI brought him down.

Stay Tuned for many such updates! 

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