Lizzo's New release " Grrrls" lyrics come under fire

Rapper Lizzo's latest song "Grrrls" faced a backlash, as it featured "ableist slur".

One of the widely admired TikTokers, Lizzo is known for her tracks like “Damn Time”.

Her latest release, "Grrrls" got negative attention for the use of offensive lyrics.

 The mentioned “slur” pointed to those suffering from neurological disabilities, autism, cerebral palsy, and difficulties like these.

Netizens are wondering about the irresponsible act of Lizzo's entire team.

Later, Lizzo made her stance clear by changing the lyrics for "Grrrls".

She has publically specified not promoting any derogatory language.

As of now, there is a new version of "Grrrls", featuring changed lyrics has been released.

Stay tuned for more updates. Thank you for reading!

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