Unknown facts" about  "Tony Awards 2022"

26The Antoinette Perry Award for Excellence in Broadway Theatre or Tony Awards pertain to accomplishments of American Theatre.

Let us have a cursory glance at facts that are "not much known" about Tony Awards.

Tony Awards are named after the actress Antoinette Perry who died in 1946.

The first ceremony of the Tony Awards was held in 1947 and it was open to all.

In 1947, the cost to attend these awards was $7.

Frankie Michaels was the youngest performer to bag the award, just after he turned 11.

Neil Patrick won an Emmy for being Tony's host four times!

Currently, Tony Awards have 26 categories.

There have been 10 ties in Tony Awards to date.

The medallion of the Tony Award got designed by the art director, Herman Rosse.

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