The 10 Best Baseball Video Games Ever

it could just as easily have gone to any other edition of the Midway Games baseball franchise 


MLB Slugfest 2006

Some might dismiss Power Pros for its strangely cartoonish aesthetic but even critics have acknowledged that there's a surprising amount of depth to the series' gameplay 


MLB Power Pro

The game's relatively simplistic gameplay isn't anything special but it gets the most important thing right 


Backyard Baseball 2003

the gameplay is a lot more basic compared to more modern entries, and the 2D art isn't exactly realistic, but overall it's a surprisingly grounded baseball sim 


Ken Griffey Jr. Present

Park Baseball has inspired an incredibly dedicated fanbase thanks to its rich and deeply detailed gameplay 


Out Of The Park Baseball 23 

Super Mega Baseball is not a series to write off 


Super Mega Baseball 2

players want a more fun and arcadey experience with Mario sports games and that's exactly what they got 


Mario Superstar Baseball

There are some amazing EA Sports games out there but few stand out as much among their rivals as MVP Baseball in the mid-2000s 


MVP Baseball 2004

The Show ever since it became the main licensed MLB sim on the market has allowed it to pull ahead of pretty much every other series in terms of quality too 


MLB: The Show

only one title has topped the acclaimed 2004 edition of MVP Baseball and that's the 2005 edition 


MVP Baseball 2005

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