This story contains spoilers for Tales of the Walking Dead.

Tales of the Walking Dead has revealed its name for the zombies of the franchise, which was previously known to fans as "Walker".

The latest spin-off, Tales of the Walking Dead, unveiled its terms for his corpse during the latest episode.

During this episode he revealed his own word for zombies: "Homo mortuus," a word derived from the Latin word "homo," meaning "human."

Writer Channing Powell confirmed that fans should not expect many more familiar faces to come in addition to Samantha Morton's Alpha during the first season of the show.

"Everything else is new and will be a new introduction to the world and the audience," she said,

So you've never seen The Walking Dead, or Fear the Walking Dead, and start this series by knowing everything you need to know.

We have to create these characters in the writers' room and there are already some ideas going on in it.

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