Olivia Wilde breaks silence on 'Vice' Cinemacon Ambush: 'It was my workplace'

Last April, Olivia Wilde was excited to present her upcoming film, "Don't Worry Darling"

Wilde was on stage and ready to show the first footage from her second directorial project

She was handed a mysterious Manila envelope, which was earlier reported to have a script inside her – soon

She says it is a "deep pain" for her children to get involved in a public matter that should have remained private

"It was my workplace," Wilde says, referring to the Cinemacon incident without naming Sudekis

Wilde says the film went back to re-development recently,the USA Gymnastics sex-abuse scandal.

The film will still be based on the 90s and not the present time.

Better portray the characters involved in USA Gymnastics with what has come to light over the years.

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