How much Money Ivana Trump left behind, Have a look

A glance at Ivana Trump's net worth and the legacy she left behind:

The first wife of Donald Trump, Ivana passed away at the age of 73 in New York City.

Ivana was seen as a lady with grit and ambition.

Following her divorce from Donald, Ivana focused on her own beauty, jewelry, clothing, and fashion businesses.

Her column "Ask Ivana" in Globe ran for 15 years, which certainly points towards Ivana's intellect and wit.

Ivana took up several roles in the Trump Organization while she was married to Donald Trump.

Ivana was focused enough to create humongous wealth and fame for herself.

Her memoir "Raising Trump", published in 2017, talked about her married life with Trump and their three children.

Her estimated net worth was more than $100 Million.

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