"House of the Dragon" has already raised the excitement bars.

The makers of "Game of Thrones" prequel left no stone unturned in making characters unique and distinct.

There is a confirmation on 19 dragons in the entire show.

Let's check the deets about the four dominant dragon faces in Season 1.

The first major dragon is Caraxes, often called "Blood Wyrm".

This red male dragon is the ride for Prince Daemon Targaryen.

Vhagar is a versatile and robust dragon on the show.

Vhagar has witnessed many ridders and she is 100 plus in age.

Syrax is another beast. It is the ride for Rhaenyra.

Syrax is powerful but has hardly faced battles.

Sunfyre is the most beautiful dragon with golden scales.

She has witnessed several battles and is one of the most trusted dragons.

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