Cobra Kai: 10 Burning Questions Fans Have After Season 5

While the final episode began with a cold open that suggested John Kreese met an awful demise, it turned out it was all a ruse, orchestrated, so he could escape 


Where Will John Kreese Go?

After a heart-to-heart with both Johnny and Daniel, Chozen – one of many returning Karate Kid characters in Cobra Kai - revealed 


What Did Kumiko Think Of Chozen’s Message?

While he awaits trial or sentencing, Terry could use that time to build up Cobra Kai from behind the scenes 


Does Terry Silver Get Off On His Charges?

Cobra Kai may no longer exist. That is unless, someone else decides to come in and run it. 


What Happens To Cobra Kai?

One of the most surprising pieces of news in the new season was that Carmen was pregnant 


Do Johnny And Carmen Have The Baby?

Cobra Kai side characters with main character energy - finally took on a bigger role in seasons 4 and 5, and he expressed an interest in learning karate 


Will Anthony Actually Learn Karate?

Robby and Kenny were one of the most heartbreaking relationships in season 4 


Do Robby And Kenny Make Amends?

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To get more updates, stay connected.  Thank You!

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