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"Best performances of Tony Keith"

Toby Keith happens to be one of the prime flag bearers of artistry. His soulful songs are beautifully crafted with a deep meaning inside.

Here is the list of Toby's best songs, that made him stand out:

Wayman's Song "Crying For Me" encompasses deepest emotions and displays Keith's exceptional writing skills.

"I Love This Bar" features Keith singing about his favorite bar and encounters with strangers.

One of the most admired tracks from the 90s, "Should Have Been a Cowboy" depicts the lifestyle of a cowboy.

"He ain't worth missing" gives every reason not to miss the one who cheats!

"How Do You Like Me Now?!" skillfully talks about the school crush who offered nothing but an ignore.

One of his longest-running numbers," As Good As I Once Was" is again a treat to ears and mind.

The simple yet sweet " Beer For My Horses" happens to be a unique and quirky creation.

The biggest hit of Keith "Red Solo Cup" is a party anthem in every bit.

Keith has beautifully showcased his writing skills over the heroism in " American Soldier". A saga of valor and grit indeed!

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