10 Best Video Game Reference

Hank William's "Alone" and "Foresaken" are the atmospheric choices for the trailer 


The Trailer Song Is From The Game

Fans of the video game need no introduction to the Firefly group, they were the revolutionary militia group who often opposed the government in charge 


Firefly Symbol

Anyone who has played the first 20 minutes of the game will recognize the broken watch that Joel is wearing in the teaser 


Joel's Watch Is Broken

There is a split-second clip in the trailer which shows someone wearing converse shoes being chained up 


Someone Is Chained Up

Very early on in the game, players join Tess, Ellie and Joel escaping Boston after they had been detained by the guards 


Tess, Ellie, And Joel Escaping Boston

Multiple shots in the teaser give the viewers a peak into the post-apocalyptic cities and towns that Joel and Ellie will go through 


Post Apocalyptic Boston

Towards the end of the trailer, viewers get the first view of what a "clicker" would look like on the show 


First Look At A Clicker

Tess and Marlene are two very different women in the game but both agree to help Joel and Ellie 


A Sneak Peak Of Tess And Marlene

Ellie is riding a merry-go-around with someone who looks like Riley from the video game 


"Left Behind" DLC Reference

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