There are many reasons why Rishi Sunak lost UK Prime Minister election

First, no one loves Brutus. Loyalty is the dominant sign of the political follower, but the price of loyalty will be crowned to both the leader and the claimant.


The Sunak led  to a mass resignation charge against Johnson. Tory members were quick to portray Cynk's 'loyalty' to Johnson as a character flaw


In the first televised debate with Britain's now Prime Minister Liz Truss, the craze repeatedly and steadily interrupted her


One of the biggest thorns in Cynic's election campaign is unfortunately his wife Akshatha Murthy, daughter of Indian billionaire and Infosys founder NR Narayana Murthy.


One of the biggest policy decisions to turn the tide in truss's favour was Cynicism's opposition not to cut taxes.


The craze has introduced great naivety and the way he has organised his affairs shows not that he is also committed to the UK, but that he is keeping open the option of a career in finance in the UNITED States.


The craze didn't learn its lesson and caught fire last month as UK residents spending more than $4,80,000 (£400,000) on a pool at their North Yorkshire property.


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