7 Great Director Comebacks After A Long Hiatus

Volume 1 introduces "the Bride" as a retired assassin out for revenge after her former compatriots shot up her weddin 


Kill Bill: Volume 1

The Hurt Locker was one of the most surprising success stories of 2009, overcoming an initial weak box office take 


The Hurt Locker

Lynne Ramsay may be a non-prolific director known for taking long breaks between movies 


You Were Never Really Here

The Avengers was arguably the movie where the franchise truly became a cinematic universe 


The Avenger

The movie confounded general audiences but proved to be a cult hit, with fans admiring Kubrick's filmmaking and the plot's wild twists 


Eyes Wide Shut

Once Upon a Time America's American cut getting butchered in post-production meant it took a while to find 


Once Upon A Time In America

A Passage to India was the final film directed by David Lean after a long career of mounting some of cinema's greatest epics 


A Passage To India

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