7 Creepiest Caves In Horror Movies

The Creature from the Black Lagoon burst on the scene to give the franchise one last shot in the arm 


The Creature's Lair

With a simple title like The Cave, there was no doubt what audiences were getting when they went to see the subterranean horror flick 


The Cave

The film follows a detective who investigates a series of murders that all tie back to a haunted cave in Bhutan's Ura Valley 


The Ura Valley Crevice

The infamous Dylatov Pass incident has left history buffs stumped for decades, and the macabre events were speculated on in the found footage film Devil's Pass 


The Dylatov Pass Cave

The movie follows a group of archeologists who accidentally discover horrors of a biblical magnitude 


The Catacomb

Though the audience never gets a chance to journey down into the creepy cave in The Pit 


The Pit

Caves have always been a great place to set a horror movie, but none had the simplicity and sheer horror of The Descent 


The Appalachian Cave

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