5 Things to Know About the Late TikTok Star Cooper Noriega

1. How Did He Become Famous?

Noriega grew to fame after posting Comedy videos, lip - syncing videos. After some he started a YouTube channel and modeling.

Noriega had over 1.7 million followers on TikTok, more than 89000 followers on Twitter, and 430000 followers on Instagram. 

2. Where Did He Grow Up?  

He spent there childhood in California, before moving to los Angeles, he started a career in fashion & entertainment. 

3. Was He Single?

Cooper Noriega dating Sabrina Quesada in October 2020. But after sometime Quesada that the duo had called it quits.

4. Did He Discuss Mental Health? 

Noriega created a website to discuss about mental health struggles. On Instagram he describe as a " Discord for mental health strictly.” he shared his plan to recovery.

5. What Was His Dream Career? 

He had plans to create a mental health clothing line, teasing in his Instagram bio, “do sum fashion.”

On June 9, Cooper Noriega suddenly died at the age of 19 .

Someone found Noriega unconscious in a Los Angeles mall parking lot on Thursday.

Just hours before being found, Noriega posted a video of himself laying in bed with the caption “who else b thinking they gon di€ young af.”

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