10 Movies To Watch After Peacock's Meet Cute

Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore reunited on screen in 2004 to star in the romantic comedy 50 First Dates 


50 First Date

The comedy follows Michael, a workaholic who has a hard time juggling his work and family life 



The teen drama centers on Mia, a young girl who winds up in a coma after a car accident that left the rest of her family dead 


If I Stay

Palm Springs reintroduced the idea of a time loop to the romantic comedy genre when it was released on Hulu in 2020 


Palm Spring

Released at the Tribeca Film Festival, Plus One is an underrated romantic comedy of the 2010s that deserves more praise 


Plus One

While the King of Staten Island isn't a romantic comedy, nor does it feature a time loop it does star Davidson in a major role like Meet Cute 


The King Of Staten Island 

The movie follows two different versions of the main character Natalie's life 


Look Both Way

With Henry always in different timelines, Claire must figure out ways to show her love and get love in return. 


The Time Traveler's Wife

While The Vowdoesn't feature time travel, Leo finds himself in the same boat as Shelia in that they both remember their relationships with their significant  


The Vow 

Released in April 2022 on Hulu, Unplugging follows an older couple who decide to take a break from technology in the hopes of reconnecting with each other 



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