10 Movies That Will Make You Smile On A Bad Day

While the movie may not have been a box-office success, it has since cemented itself as an underrated comedy from Disney 


The Emperor’s New Groove

Known for the way it uses satire within this story, this movie couldn’t help but come to the minds of Redditors because it never fails to bring out a smile 


The Princess Bride

On top of its visual effects that combine Scott Pilgrim’s comic book origins with this live-action movie, this movie is a fun watch all-around. 


Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

In one of the all-time best intelligent comedies, Jeffrey “The Dude” Lebowski loves to bowl after he’s assaulted because of his identity being mistaken for someone else 


The Big Lebowski

While many recommended taking the time to marathon all the Lord of the Rings films, others emphasized that at least watching Fellowship of the Ring 


The Lord of the Ring

In a movie where seemingly nothing happens, so many interactions between characters have solidified this as one of the great comedies of the early 2000s 


Napoleon Dynamite

Any movie with the Muppets in it, especially Muppet Treasure Island. Tim Curry is a legend 


Muppet Treasure Island

WALL-E may inspire an existential crisis in some, but it also leads to the funniest reviews on Letterboxd and provides comfort to others 



21 Jump Street shows officers Schmidt and Jenko undercover in a high school, discovering the supplier of the new drug, HFS. 


21 Jump Street 

In a cast filled with comedians like Whoopi Goldberg willing to go for visual gags, it’s no wonder 


Rat Race

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