10 Great Movies That Only Need One Viewing

Lynch's biggest fans admit that the film is overly confusing and complex, which prevents it from thriving on a rewatch. 



The story itself matches this grim and miserable tone, which many viewers are hesitant to revisit 


Manchester By The Sea

Whiplash is one of those rare movies that's literally designed to make the audience feel as uncomfortable as possible 



It's the shock that accompanies all these disturbing acts of brutality that makes the film's story so moving, which works best the first time around


12 Years A Slave

The story takes several twists and turns that exist solely to keep the audience on the edge of their seat 


Uncut Gem

When it comes to films that are literally designed to rip the audience's heart out, Marriage Story certainly deserves recognition 


Marriage Story

The Revenant has very little narrative or dialogue to keep audiences invested a second time around. 


The Revenant

Come and See is often cited as one of the greatest war movies ever made, and it also holds the impressive accolade of being one of the most harrowing stories ever told 


Come And See

It perfectly captures the challenges and traumas of that specific stage of life 


Eighth Grade

Telling the story of one Jewish man's journey throughout war-torn Poland in the 1940s, The Pianist is often described as one of the most difficult-to-watch films 


The Pianist

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