These are 10 forgotten box office hits of the 1980s

Though hardly the biggest smash of the decade, and while it failed to outperform its 007 competitor, Never Say Never Again made a tidy profit at the box office 


Never Say Never Again

The film concerns a young man who lives with a genetic disorder that has disfigured his face. 


mask (1985)

The film follows a detective who gets on the case of a notorious serial killer in New Orleans. 


Tightrope (1984)

Comedy legends Carol Burnett and Alan Alda put their collective star power together to make The Four Seasons a smash hit at the box office. 


The Four Seasons 


Stakeout (1987)

Stakeout is the story of a rookie and veteran cop as they are assigned to tail the girlfriend of a known criminal. 


The Secret Of My Success

The film concerns an impatient corporate employee who devises a clever plan to quickly rise through the ranks of his company. 


Ruthless People

Ruthless People is the story of a couple who, after being shafted by a businessman, kidnaps his wife in retaliation 


Private Benjamin

Private Benjamin was also one of her highest-grossing. When a girl from an upper-class family joins the military as a lark 


Stir Crazy

The film concerns a pair of friends who are wrongfully accused of a crime, once in prison they soon find that they have an unusual knack for escaping. 


On Golden Pond

Though On Golden Pond isn't completely obscure, it is certainly underseen because it earned over 100 million dollars after recouping its expenses