10 Best Horror Threequels Of All Time

Several years before the first film, Elise is grieving the death of her beloved husband and intends to quit the paranormal investigation business 


Insidious 3

The third film in the Saw franchise, soon to be ten movies strong, completes the first story arc of the franchise 



Its story is considered weaker than the earlier films, lacking their energy and being overly reliant on gore instead of atmosphere to scare 


The Conjuring

She crash lands on a prison planet and now must contend with both violent inmates and the loose xenomorphs steadily infesting the facility 


Alien 3

After the flat disappointment that was Exorcist II: The Heretic, this threequel was a welcome surprise 


The Exorcist III

The kids' powers are unique and creatively used, and the film's excellent visual and special effects lend themselves well to some of the series' most iconic kills 


A Nightmare On Elm Street Part 3

The very first horror movie franchises came from the Universal monster movies of the thirties and forties 


Son of Frankenstein

The third installment in George A. Romero's legendary Dead trilogy, Day of the Dead takes place after the zombie 


Day Of The Dead

The Silence of the Lambs holds an impressive 8.6 on IMDb, while its direct sequel Hannibal dropped to a more average 6.8 


Red Dragon

Army of Darkness' lasting popularity is that, while the first two films were often darkly funny, this third film can comfortably be called a horror-comedy 


Army Of Darkness 

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