10 Best Action Movies Starring James Bond Actor

The Rock is one of the most rollicking, explosive action-adventures of Michael Bay’s career 


The Rock (1996)

Halle Berry helped to make comic book movie history with her portrayal of iconic Marvel mutant Storm in the groundbreaking X-Men franchise 


X2 (2003)

Roger Moore appeared amongst the star-studded ensemble cast of stuntman-turned-filmmaker Hal Needham’s farcical car chase comedy The Cannonball Run 


The Cannonball Run

Bond fans get two actors for the price of one in the ensemble cast of John Frankenheimer’s classic crime thriller Ronin 


Ronin (1998)

The first Guardians movie struck the perfect balance between lighthearted humor, moving character drama, and action-packed spectacle 


Guardians Of The Galaxy

Over the years, a bunch of different actors have taken on the role of Bond’s nemesis, Ernst Stavro Blofeld. 


Escape From New York 

Star as a big-city cop and a small-town cop who team up to take down a ruthless band of killers in a sleepy English village 


Hot Fuzz

Django Unchained stars Jamie Foxx as an ex-slave that Dr. Schultz takes under his wing and trains in the trade of killing 


Django Unchained

15 years after being inflated like a balloon with a gas bullet in the final battle of Live and Let Die 


Midnight Run

Steven Spielberg always envisioned Indiana Jones as American cinema’s answer to the James Bond franchise 


Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade

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